On Jan. 4, 1979 at 5:10 PM a gas can blew up in Brian’s face, and for 15 seconds he was on fire from the waist up.  Because his face was totally exposed and covered with gas, it suffered all degrees of burns with his right ear being burned to a crisp.  He was taken to Uniontown Hospital where it was determined that it was too late to transfer him to a burn unit.  He was stabilized and put in a room.  The next day he was informed that he would go blind for 2 to 3 days as his eyes swelled to protect themselves, and that he would never hear out of his right ear again.  He had also swallowed fire and damaged his lungs.  On the third day of his hospital stay, Brian’s brother-in-law, Joe Sabo, came to pray for him.  Joe told him that God had said that He was going to do a miracle. Later that night the doctor told him that he would have to have skin grafts and plastic surgery.  However, God began to give Brian brand new skin so that he was released from the hospital in several days later and sent home.  Ten days later when he went for a doctor visit, his ear had grown back, his skin was new, and amazingly he had already begun to grow a beard.  That was something that he was told would never happen.  Brian fought with God till May, 1979 when in a service at a Full Gospel Church in Greensburg, PA he agreed to keep the vow that he had made in the ambulance the day of the fire.  “If you give me back my face, I will serve you all the days of my life.” Brian has a Masters degree in Theology and Honorary Doctorate in Community Outreach.

  Sharon Kisner was healed of Scarlet Fever as a child.  She is an avid student of the Word of God, earning a Doctorate Degree as well as receiving as Honorary Doctorate.  Sharon has prophetic insight and serves with Brian in all that they do.  She has raised three daughters, Larissa, Shelley, and Garnett, and is deeply involved in the lives of her five grandsons.  Sharon and Brian have been married for 45 years in 2017,

 Since 1979 Brian and Sharon have served God in Fayette County, PA.  In 1989 they began a new church called Bread of Life Tabernacle ( www.boltc.org).  Bread of Life has touched untold people with goods and supplies from its outreaches, the largest being the Uniontown Community Storehouse.  In a ten year period the Storehouse gave out $35,000,000 in donated goods to the community.  In 2008 Brian and Sharon resigned their pastorate to Pastor John and Kelley Broadwater, while taking an oversight position at BOLT.

We have  moved twice since, First to  Chambersburg, Pa and attended World Harvest Outreach (www.whocenterpa.com) with Pastor Mark Durniak.

In 2012 we moved to Riverview, Florida. where we presently live. 

Brian got sick in 2002 and through the graciousness of the Veterans Adminsitration and many Doctors Appointments a life long problem was corrected and healing took place in 2015.  

We presently attend Legacy Family Church,Tampa Florida www.legacyfam.com. We are overseeing the congregation and 
preparing to raise up a Pastor. WE ARE BUILDING the KINGDOM. We. also are the Directors of Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry of Tampa. Florida www.legacyedu.com. We. are excited that in our retirement we. have. the. opportunity to dig new wells.

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                                     Brian and Sharon Kisner